Library archives necessity of disinfection

DATE:2013/4/23 15:45:03 NUMBER: 1038
Many national libraries, archives staff have a symptom, they often sneeze, cough, itchy eyes, etc., seem always cold, in fact, this is not a cold, this is the line of occupational diseases in the air by the museum dust, bacteria, viruses that cause allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
Library stacks, records storage due to the relatively closed, the air does not flow, long-term storage archives books, paper and ink evaporation of aging, so coffers filled with large amounts of emissions and harmful bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic bacteria in a variety of high concentrations . In such an air environment is not conducive to long-term storage archives books, entering the warehouse staff have great health hazard.
Now the domestic archives, libraries due to conditions, few have 24 hours renewal wind system operation, the only remedy is to regularly disinfect all-round warehouse premises, archives and out of books for poison. Eliminate musty warehouse and aging after year paper, ink the odor, eliminate cold virus, tuberculosis, micro-bacteria, degradation of harmful gases, increasing the oxygen content within the Treasury to prevent oxygen deficient confined space, balance positive and negative ion content, fresh air